H: MASSIVE Dwarven Forge Collection, W: Oldhammer and £££s

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H: MASSIVE Dwarven Forge Collection, W: Oldhammer and £££s

Buyer to collect or £120 UK shipping Can deliver up to 50 miles at £1 per mile.

I am in Sheffield, UK

Right this is a bargain at £2000 for the lot (do the maths)

All purchased from DF Europe and DF U.S.A

90% unopened

All certificates are present for the limited edition sets


Would accept half cash and half figures. I am interested in painted armies (historical, fantasy or sci Fi) or a full set of Grenadier Gold LIne AD&D figure sets.

Classic Painted

2 x Catacombs set
1 x Catacombs Set 2
2 x Den Of Evil room set
1 x Den Of Evil expansion set
1 x Den Of Evil Additions set
2 x Realm Of The Ancients set
2 x Realm Of The Ancients Set 2
1 Room & Passage Set
4 x Na rrow straight passages1 x Traps set 2
2 x Torch walls
4 x wide dead ends
1 x wooden ramp with stone boulder
2 x sets of urns and pots
2 x walls with pits
2 x narrow right angled passages
4 x half wall passages
4 x medium flat cavern rocks

Dwarvenite Painted

5 x Dungeon Starter
2 x Narrow dungeon Passage sets
1 x Cavern set
1 x Cavern floor set
1 x Narrow cavern passages set
1 x Cavern wicked additions set
1 x Ice cavern set
1 x Ice Wyrm
1 x Diagonal passage set
1 x Chasm pack
1 Stair and dais pack
1 x Dungeon dressing pack
1 x Ancient Treasures set
1 x Dungeon floors pack
2 x Sewer sets
1 x Cavern lake set
1 x Mushroom set

Dwarvenite UNPAINTED

2 x Dungeon Starter
2 x Chamber of Sorrows sets
1 x cavern set

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Re: H: MASSIVE Dwarven Forge Collection, W: Oldhammer

I have a lot of oldhammer fantasy dwarfs if you are interested. Mostly marauder era. Hit me up if you are interested to talk further.
Brad (Australia)

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