Nurgle Chaos Knight conversions

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Nurgle Chaos Knight conversions

I started with some chaos knight conversions, definitely work in progress. Body parts Citadel, MArauder (spider body), Heartbreaker (Lord of Atlantis figure), and Demonworld (Termicatus figure).

More details on my blog: ... sions.html
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Re: Nurgle Chaos Knight conversions

Very cool! You can never get enough chaos conversions :)
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Re: Nurgle Chaos Knight conversions

Done right! Clever conversions. One of the joys of old Chaos. Will there be a winged mosquito version, too? Or perhaps even a mad centaur knight, consisting of a Chaos Warrior on all four, running around with a rearing horse upper body instead of head. OK, tricky conversion, but better mention it.

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Re: Nurgle Chaos Knight conversions

lovely, that's the sort of thing i like :D

with extra nurgle's rot!

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